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N3 Diesel Forklifts
4.0 - 5.5 tonnes

These larger engine 4 to 5.5 tonnes powered forklift models are designed for heavy duty applications and are the natural choice for use in ports, construction, freight, and metal and brick operations.


With exceptional endurance and power they effortlessly handle the most difficult and heavy loads even when operating at full capacity.

In these 4 to 5.5 tonnes powered forklifts, the tough six-cylinder engine’s precombustion chamber allows each cylinder to work at peak efficiency regardless of load and speed and contributes to the truck’s exceptionally low noise, vibrations, emissions and economy.


The rotary fuel pump allows easy maintenance while protecting the engine. The compact, smooth lines of each model ensure that they are easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces whilst ensuring good visibility. The excellence of the range is further boosted by a wide array of options that enable you to fine tune each truck to your work requirements.

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