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Diesel Forklifts
6.0 - 10.0 tonnes

Driven by one of the most powerful engines in its class, the DP60-100N3 boasts both strength and speed. The massive loads it can handle do not hamper its speed, making this one of the fastest and most efficient machines in the industry.

Its 3.8L common rail diesel engine delivers high power with minimal vibration transmitted to the driver’s seat, due to the use of cushioning materials between its frame and engine. A variety of attachments are available, including different carriages and side shifters.

The extremely rigid mast’s roller layout and narrow channels have been thoughtfully designed, along with the high-visibility overhead guard, to maximise forward and upward view. An optional cabin shelters drivers from extreme temperatures and wet conditions, without obscuring their vision.

The optional adjustable armrest combines anatomical support with free movement and perfect hand positioning. It features spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls.

Fast lift speeds, together with an automatic two-speed powershift transmission that gives controlled yet powerful acceleration, ensure maximum productivity.

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