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Tandem-axle roller of the 1.5-ton class, two vibration drums, unilateral drum fastening with complete curb clearance.

  • Practical handle design for easy entry

  • Adjustable, vibration-decoupled operator platform, therefore low whole body vibrations and ergonomic seat comfort

  • Intuitive, clearly arranged operator panel

  • Two forward + reverse travel levers for simple and intuitive operation

  • Vibration can be chosen in front and/or rear, two vibration levels

  • Fixed drum offset for easy maneuvering on walls (cannot be converted)

  • Good view of the drums due to the compact design

  • Triangle, articulated pendulum joint for high tipping stability and stability when turning curves

  • Large, side-protected water tank

  • Low lying, central water outlet with self-cleaning water filter

  • Fold-down scraper bar

  • Fold-down ROPS bar

  • Well-balanced central lifting point

  • Sturdy, low lying and therefore well-balanced tie-downs

  • Front and rear lighting according to StVZO [Road Traffic Licensing Regulations]

  • Simple radiator maintenance through "quick access"

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